Cannonball competition makes great waves

A lunchtime cannonball competition ushers in a crowd of students


Alicia Tan

Students jump from the high dive as part of a cannonball competition.

Alicia Tan, Staff Writer

LOS ALAMITOS, CA — CANNONBALL! As part of the 2022-2023 Griffin Games, Los Alamitos High School’s ASB hosted a cannonball competition at lunch on March 23. Regular students, in addition to members of Los Al’s diving team of all grades, jumped from Los Al’s diving platforms into the deep end of the pool. Additionally, four Los Al teachers participated in the competition. 

The contest was judged by a panel of four ASB members who wrote their score of choice on a whiteboard and held it up for everyone to see. There was an even distribution of scores across the many contestants. However, in general, the high scoring and high applause jumps featured belly flops and spins. 

The big winner of the competition was Mr. Weatherman, who represented the red team, for his incredible double flip belly flop. The crowd was in absolute awe of his form and giant splash. However, Mr. Hong, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Berger all gave astounding performances. Notably, Mr. Hong got some laughs for his blonde wig and hat that flew off as he jumped into the pool.

The competition only lasted ten minutes due to the time constraints of lunch, but all the students who watched had a great time cheering on their respective teams and favorite teachers.

“It was really funny to watch some of my friends and teachers participate in the cannonball competition!” said senior Sophia Nguyen.