Chris Tyson is not ‘MrBeast’s worst nightmare,’ he is MrBeast’s best friend

Chris Tyson, a long-time collaborator of popular YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, A.K.A. MrBeast, has recently started hormone replacement therapy (HRT)


Jason Khan

Chris Tyson faces online haters head-on with his greatest friend, MrBeast.

Jason Khan, Staff Writer

LOS ALAMITOS, CA — After releasing his first statement about his transition on Twitter, Chris Tyson received much backlash from the online community. Many people who supposedly supported MrBeast and his associates in the past are now coming out against Tyson, stating the choice is only detrimental to everyone around Tyson.

YouTube Controversy

On April 13, YouTuber SunnyV2 released an exposé on Tyson’s transition and how it may affect MrBeast’s affairs. In this video, he stated many of the facts about the transition and the reaction that it has garnered on Twitter but also jumped to wild conclusions about the future of MrBeast’s channel as a result of Tyson’s behavior.

The YouTuber documented Tyson’s outward appearance change beginning with a Twitter post that Tyson made in March 2022 about getting his nails done, which coincided with his post later that month about getting a divorce.

SunnyV2 then relayed the story of Tyson’s coming out on social media, which was followed by mixed reactions from his Twitter audience but love and support from the MrBeast team.

In Tyson’s most recent appearance on the “MrBeast 2” channel, he dressed very femininely, and SunnyV2 pointed this out as a possible cause for the awkward social interactions between the crew members during the stream. He then went on to state that Tyson creates a vice-like situation for MrBeast, forcing him to support Tyson, lest he lose his audience for seeing him as a transphobe.

“Jimmy [MrBeast] has no option but to publicly express acceptance of Chris’s transition…The only clean solution…might be for Chris to resign himself,” stated SunnyV2.

What he failed to acknowledge with this comment is that Tyson has been MrBeast’s best friend since the inception of their YouTube channel in 2012. SunnyV2 utilizes the drama created by others on the YouTube platform to boost his own channel, and he often makes situations seem far worse than they actually are, creating further controversy, which adds to the success of his videos.

Unfortunately, because this video follows this pattern, its influence has led many people to see the situation in a negative light.

Twitter Hate

The reaction of the majority of Tyson’s Twitter audience has been incredibly hateful and ignorant. For one, the commenters on his recent posts, much like SunnyV2, jump to baseless conclusions; from his mental state to his relationship with his son Tucker and friend MrBeast; nothing about Tyson’s life is safe from relentless criticism online.


Unfortunately, this issue is merely one of many recent controversies to affect LGBT communities. No amount of support from his friends seems to stop the hate online, but hopefully, Tyson’s speaking up will be able to impact people worldwide; this intense debate about Tyson’s identity helps shed light on the smaller-scale problems that transgender people and people with gender dysphoria face every day.