Get excited for Prom with Los Al’s prom-posal contest!

In honor of Prom season, Los Al ASB is hosting a Prom-posal contest


Kate Schumacher

On campus poster of prom-posal contest.

Kate Schumacher, Staff Writer

LOS ALAMITOS, CA — For the first time ever, Los Alamitos High School is hosting a Prom-posal Contest. As the Prom season begins, students ask their dates to the event. While prom-posals are usually a cliche handmade poster along with a small gift, this year Los Al wants to see their students’ originality.

This contest is entirely digital through @Losalofficial Instagram. Participating students must turn in a video and picture of the prom-posal including each student’s name for the chance to win one free prom ticket! The deadline for this contest is Friday, May 5, and winners will be announced the following week no later than Friday, May 12.

“We are looking for students who go all-out,” ASB Junior Class President Dana Kim said. “Our hope is that some grand scale prom-posals happen on campus to get all the students buzzing with excitement for Prom. To be the lucky winner, we will be looking at everything from creativity to commitment.”

The 2023 Prom is on May 20, 2023 at Santa Anita Race Track and is available for juniors and seniors only. The theme is “Once Upon A Prom,” and tickets are available for purchase at the Activities Office from April 24 to May 19. While prices vary depending on the date purchased, winners of the prom-posal will receive one free ticket, or half-off both tickets depending on what people prefer. In addition to the winners’ tickets, ASB is open to giving the winning students a special shout-out at the prom.

“Prom is a major high school experience not worth missing out on, and I recommend at least going once,” senior Jonas Corliss said. “It does not have to be your senior year, but even if you’re not into dancing, there is plenty to do.”

Even though Prom is still a month away, this contest is a creative way for students to be a part of a light-hearted competition.

“We are excited to host such a fun event and look forward to all the submissions that will come in,” Kim said. “We wish everyone the best of luck!”