Tips and tricks for studying for AP Tests

Check out this advice for how to study


Sydney Forsyte

Los Alamitos High School students study together in Ms. Franzen’s class.

Sydney Forsyte and Isabella Gasper

LOS ALAMITOS, CA– Feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed by upcoming AP Testing? Griffin Gazette has some tips and tricks for your study timeline from experienced students.

*Disclaimer: the Griffin Gazette doesn’t guarantee that these tips will guarantee you to pass, but they may help you make it to the finish line!*

If you have 1 month or more left before the AP Test, hooray to you for being on top of it! Here is what we suggest:

  • Start by setting a list of study goals that you have and distribute them each week
  • Use a study book (Barrons, Princeton Review, etc.) which can be purchased online or in person.
  • Make flashcards on the main subjects and facts.
  • Rewrite vocabulary or important terms/facts (try to do this from memory to gauge how much you have learned and what you should focus on)
  • Utilize what study methods work best for you to your advantage
  • If you have taken notes for this class, go back and highlight points that you had and have difficulty with and review them carefully

If you have a week left or more before the AP Test, keep calm and carry on doing this:

  • Review notes (if already highlighted tend to look at those facts more).
  • Redo the homework assignments that you struggled with throughout the year.
  • Study different sections over different days (one section a day to fully utilize this information).
  • Try and take the practice tests on AP Classroom if your teacher has enabled them
  • If your test has a writing portion, look up practice questions online and time yourself  to know how quickly you will have to pace yourself on the test
  • Look at sample answers and practice problems and if you get them wrong consider/write down why you got them wrong (then redo all missed questions)

If it’s the night before your AP Test, don’t panic:

  • Don’t make flashcards – it’ll make your life harder by taking up too much of your study time
  • Don’t waste time rewriting everything, try and rewrite the main facts and the overall themes
  • Look on Quizlet or on social media – they have practice quizzes for you to take and look over
  • Look on AP Classroom for the daily videos they have that review content
  • Have multiple pencils ready, and make sure your calculator is charged, turn off your cell phone before going in, and bring food if needed
  • Sleep well (trust me, having no sleep during the test will make it way harder to remember anything)

Remember, this test won’t define your future. You can do it!