Los Al notable alumni

Los Alamitos High School is known for a long list of notable alumni since its opening


Sofia Youngs

Pedro Pascal in Los Alamitos High’s 1993 yearbook as a senior

Sofia Youngs, Editor

LOS ALAMITOS, CA– Los Alamitos High School, since its establishment in 1967, has produced countless notable alumni throughout its history.

Pedro Pascal

José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal, better known as Pedro Pascal, was born on April 2, 1975, in Chile. Born to a child psychologist and fertility doctor, the family soon moved to America during the opposition movement against the Chilean military. They first lived in Austin Texas, and then moved to Orange County before Pascal entered high school in 1989. He was a part of the Orange County School of the Arts program (OCSA) before the after-school program became its own charter school in the early 2000s. Through OSCA and Los Alamitos High School, Pascal knew from a young age he wished to pursue acting as a career.

Shortly following his graduation, Pascal attended New York University in 1993, taking classes at the Tisch School of the Arts in order to obtain his degree in acting. While balancing his rigorous university, Pascal studied abroad in Madrid Spain and worked as a Go-Go Dancer to help pay for tuition while overseas.

“It was in the House of Devotion, which was held every Thursday in Morocco nightclub,” Pascal said in an interview with “The Things”.

Today, Pascal has over 60 acting credits, some including the award-winning shows “Game of Thrones” and “The Mandalorian”. He thanks his success to not only his family but also every person who has supported his career choice since a young age.

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Susan Egan

Susan Farrel Egan, was born February 18, 1970 in Seal Beach, California. Growing up, Egan enrolled in singing, dancing, and figure skating lessons in order to subside the craving for an audience.

It did not work. She knew she wanted more.

Egan attended Los Alamitos High School in 1984 and, like Pascal, was a part of the after-school program OCSA, specializing in the creative arts. Her talent did not go unrecognized and, shortly following her graduation, she attended UCLA in 1988 and toured with “Young Americans”, a singing group; however, shortly following Egan’s pursuit of college education, she was cast as Kim in the touring production of “Bye Bye Birdie”. The tour was a massive success and since Egan has been booking roles on Broadway, Disney, Studio Ghibli, and much more.

In 1991, Egan was cast in the original broadway adaptation and production of “Beauty and the Beast” playing Belle. Not only did Egan establish herself in the broadway world with her excellency in singing, but she was also nominated for and Tony Award that same year. In 1995, Egan reprised her role on broadway as Belle alongside many of her fellow cast members for one year.

Egan is widely known as the voice of Meg in the 1997 Disney animated movie “Hercules”. The movie grossed a total of over 250 million dollars and is a worldwide success, most recently rereleased to 3,595 movie theaters in 2014.

Most recently, Egan voiced Rose in the hit television show “Steven Universe”, which aired from 2013 to 2019, spanning five seasons. Currently, she is on tour with “Princess: The Concert“, singing alongside various Disney and Broadway stars.

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Rachel Fattal

Rachel Fattal, born on Decemeber 10, 1993, is a two-time women’s water polo Olympic gold medalist. Born in Los Alamitos, California, Fattal was raised in a sports-centered family. Her mother, Maria Fattal, is a well-known volleyball coach based in Seal Beach and trained Fattal in the sport until she realized her love of water polo.

Graduating Los Alamitos high school in 2012, Fattal is an award-winning high school athlete who was recruited by UCLA to play water polo during her undergrad. College, although important to Fattal, was not her main priority.

“I majored in history. I wanted to major in something that wouldn’t prevent me from playing [water polo],” Fattal said in an interview for “Griffin News” in 2021. Although being enrolled in college, in 2015, Fattal was invited to swim and later try out for the United States Waterpolo team to present the U.S. Later that year, her team earned the gold medal in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

“Even if I was a part of the team last time, I still had to try out again,” Fattal said when asked about being a part of the 2020 women’s Olympic water polo team. While being enrolled in college and being an established Olympic athlete, Fattal also represented the United States in the Women’s Water Polo World Championships in 2015 in Kazan and 2017 in Duspest, the same year she graduated from UCLA. Following her graduation, Fattal continued her water polo career by staying on the Women’s Water Polo team, winning again in 2019 in Gwangju and 2022 in Budapest.

Fattal still would love to continue her career in water polo, however, as she soon turns 30, she realizes that the next generation of water polo players has begun to emerge.