ASL Awareness Event

Visit Los Al’s media center to acknowledge ASL’s key presence on campus


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Explore the world of ASL at the media center tomorrow!

Adalie Landa, Editor

LOS ALAMITOS, CA — This Thursday, March 16, at 5:45 p.m., senior Em Burch will be hosting an ASL event in the Media Center at Los Alamitos High School. The event will educate non-ASL hearing students on the importance of awareness and acceptance of the ASL language.

Along with Los Al’s branch of American Sign Language Honor Society and volunteers from the ASL classes on campus, Burch welcomes everyone to this meeting. 

All students will gain insight on the ASL community at this event from an outside perspective. Social awareness of ASL hearing students will further promote equity on Los Al campus and in our society.

Burch presses on this importance on Los Al’s campus due to common backlash towards the ASL community.

“At the high school, I and my team of volunteers have witnessed mocking from our peers towards the language,” Burch said. “Seeing this issue, I focused my Girl Scout Gold Award on bringing awareness to the language and community to help promote inclusion.”

Burch hopes to take this opportunity for the Girl Scout Gold Award to provide new perspectives on how the ASL world is integrated into everyday lives.

RSVP or pop in to the ASL Awareness Event tomorrow for an enlightening introduction to ASL and recognition of its presence in the Los Al community.

More on upcoming events and information can be found on the ASL Awareness Project website.