Los Alamitos Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club

The FCA Club at Los Alamitos High School brings community, leadership, and faith on campus.


Los Al FCA Club Instagram

Students gather in the lecture hall at one of FCA Club’s weekly meetings and listen to the guest speaker.

Katie Arnoult, Staff Writer

The FCA Club is a group at Los Al that encourages community and building faith through weekly meetings, Bible studies, and leadership opportunities. FCA meets every Tuesday during lunch in the lecture hall; free pizza and Bibles are offered, but there is also the option to bring your own lunch. Students take a seat wherever they can and listen to that week’s guest speaker; every week there is a new speaker with a new message. Around 150-200 students attend each meeting, but there is always room for more.

Our main purpose is to give everyone who comes the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as giving them the resources for them to have their own personal relationship with Jesus.

— Jocelyn Vlasic, FCA Club Co-President

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a non-profit Christian ministry that focuses on building local church groups of coaches and athletes. FCA promotes leadership and spiritual growth, encouraging students to use their gifts to make an impact. The organization was founded in 1954 by Don McClanen, who wanted to create a Christian foundation for athletes to take part in. During that time, many athletes put their attention on sports clothing brands and cigarettes instead of the religious lifestyle. 

“Anyone and everyone is invited!” said Vlasic. While FCA’s original purpose was for athletes, over the decades it has grown into a global ministry that everyone can take part in. You do not have to be an athlete or have any athletic background to join the FCA Club. Additionally, you do not have to have any one religious belief to participate; FCA welcomes all people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

FCA Club
FCA student leaders distribute free lunch- Costco pizza and Chick-fil-A nuggets- to club members. (Los Al FCA Club Instagram)

FCA Club at Los Al has been around for nine years since 2014. This year, the club is led by Co-Presidents Jocelyn Vlasic and Samantha Sutherland. Additionally, a team of leaders, both students from Los Al and staff from local youth groups, help to coordinate each meeting; whether it is helping to pass out food, give advice, or present a weekly sermon, the FCA leaders are always there.

Sutherland said that she loves being a leader at FCA because it has helped her to grow as a person and in her faith. She enjoys hearing others’ stories, as well as sharing the Gospel.

“I have heard so many unique stories from different students and [have] been able to connect with them on so many different levels,” she said. “Throughout my time in FCA, I have learned so much from our guest speakers and other students. It is such a blessing to be able to be a part of something so wonderful.”

“Most of the adult volunteers here are just hangin’ with students,” said Jake Hardy, FCA Northwest Orange Country Area Director. “Really, the students are running this club.” Hardy has also been a guest speaker for FCA Club multiple times, sharing his story of how he found Christ and how he became a part of one big community.

“God saved my life through community, being plugged into a church,” he said. “From the very beginning God created Adam, but He said that it was not good for man to be alone, so He created Eve…Right there is one of the first forms of community.”

Hardy acknowledged that, because the club gives out lunch every week, many attendees likely just come for the free food. He stated that the club’s purpose is to introduce people to the faith and community, not to pressure them into it. He hopes that the club can be that small nudge towards a greater impact on students’ lives, from the weekly sermons to connecting with other Christian friends.

Many students enjoy FCA Club because it is a way for them to be in fellowship right in the middle of their school day.

“I think my favorite part about FCA is that I get to learn more about God even on the days when I don’t have church or youth group,” said Charley Nelson, a freshman.

The FCA Club at Los Al has become a center for the church community and a place for students to lead others. Over the years, it has become an important part of students’ school lives, from being a leader to just attending weekly meetings, and has helped students grow their faith and connect with others.

FCA Club
A panoramic photo; students listen to this week’s guest speaker as they eat their lunch. (Los Al FCA Club Instagram)