The LAUSD vote 2022: Davidson and Hill win their elections

Marlys Davidson bests Colin Edwards in Trustee Area 1, and Diana Hill wins another victory over Rona Goldberg.


Sean Macdonald

Election tabulations are in for the School Board elections this cycle.

Sean Macdonald, Staff Writer

LOS ALAMITOS, CA — Results are in for the school board elections in the Los Alamitos Unified School District. Trustee Area 1 voted to re-elect board member Marlys Davidson by a slim 56-vote margin. This was the closest school board election in Orange County history. At one point, Davidson and her opponent, Colin Edwards, were tied. Meanwhile, incumbent board member Diana Hill of Trustee Area 3 was re-elected by a comfortable margin.

This election shows that voters want the status quo, choosing to keep the two incumbent board members. By keeping Marlys Davidson and Diana Hill, a majority of voters have also rejected the idea of new school board leadership, a major blow to pro-recall members of the community. Those that facilitated the first recall election wanted to target Davidson and Hill in this year’s election.

Voter turnout in the two school board areas varied greatly. While the Trustee Area 1 race between Marlys Davidson and Colin Edwards had a 51.6% turnout, the Trustee Area 3 race between Diana Hill and Rona Goldberg had a far larger 70.2% turnout. Voter turnout in general appears to be greater in Trustee Area 3 than in Trustee Area 1. In the 45th Congressional District, a Congressional District that encompasses both Trustee Areas, there was a 51.6% turnout in Trustee Area 1 and a 68.9% turnout in Trustee Area 3 for that district’s respective candidates.

Comprehensive information about how specific areas of the community voted is available here – Los Alamitos Unified School District results are on pages 1281 to 1286.

Post-election candidate statements

“I am truly honored to be re-elected and excited to serve our students, staff, families, and community on the School Board for another term. Every one of us has learned a great deal over the past few years about challenges and how they impact our lives. We have also learned about the power of our schools and community when we come together to find solutions and create positive outcomes. The students of Los Alamitos High School made their voices heard time and again as they spoke out against gun violence, rallied for equity, diversity, and inclusion, and spoke from their hearts concerning the mental health and social-emotional well-being of every student. It took incredible courage in these divisive times and we heard them. In large part, their stories were catalysts for change. I hope that as we move forward with the work of the District, students will continue to share their perspectives and tell their stories. We are listening. I encourage students to contact me at any time at [email protected],” Marlys Davidson of Trustee Area 1 said.

It is an honor to be re-elected to serve the students of Los Alamitos Unified School District. I look forward to being on campus for upcoming events and connecting with you all very soon, ” Diana Hill of Trustee Area 3 said. 


Results for the elections will be certified by the county on Dec. 8. The 2022 Los Alamitos Unified School District school board elections have certainly been a wild ride. To Marlys Davidson and Diana Hill, the Griffin Gazette would like to congratulate you for winning your re-election bids.