The American French Film Festival

Ms. Whitfield’s French class attends the United States premier of “Jumeaux mais pas trop”


Lori Franzen

Madame Whitfield and her class at The American French Film Festival.

Aleina Tuufuli, Staff Writer

LOS ALAMITOS, CA — Last week, The American French Film Festival (TAFFF) had its opening in Hollywood. The film festival debuts a variety of French cinema here in the United States that have recently been released in France. The collaborative efforts of the Motion Picture Association, the Directors Guild of America, the Writers Guild of America West, and France’s Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers of Music offer a unique opportunity to students to be exposed to authentic French movies. 

Recently, Ms. Whitfield’s French 4 and AP class attended the festival last Thursday. The film “Jumeaux mais pas trop,” also known as “Two of a Kind,” debuted for the first time in the United States just a few weeks after its release in France. 

“Two of a Kind” follows Anthony, a struggling handyman, and Gregoire, an egotistical rich kid running for public office, as they discover that they aren’t as different as they seem; genetically, at least. It comes to light that these polar opposites are actually twins, but as a result of a genetic phenomenon, Anthony is black and Gregoire is white. This once-in-a-million chance shocks both men as they struggle to come to terms with what they thought they knew. 

This comedic film took viewers on a roller coaster of emotions that was an amusing and ultimately touching ride. At times it was lighthearted and the theater was full of boisterous laughter, and at other times it was quiet as people watched the twins handle a whirlwind of heavy emotions. These diametric men discover something that uproots their lives and navigate their way through with laughter, anger, and tears. 

“It was beautifully written, and the acting was fantastic,” Tessa Meider said. “I laughed, and I even cried. I would love to be able to see it again.” 

The festival also included a Q&A following the screening, allowing the audience to talk with one of the directors, Olivier Ducary, and one of the lead actors, Bertrand Usclat, which was an added bonus to the experience. 

Overall, the experience was delightful and is a wonderful opportunity for exposure to authentic French cinema.