Los Alamitos High School classroom remodels

Due to summer renovations, many teachers will be transferring classrooms or heading back to their original rooms, now restored


Kate Schumacher

Wall with boxes stacked full of books and other classroom materials

Kate Schumacher, Staff Writer

LOS ALAMITOS, CA – Throughout summer break, 64 teachers are moving to new classrooms in the fall. Some teachers are moving buildings, while others will return to their original classrooms after the renovations are completed sometime in August. 

Teachers were informed in February of the remodel and have slowly been packing away their classroom belongings such as books, wall decorations, and other items for the past few months. While a few will be relocated into nearby classrooms, some are headed to the 100s building which throughout the recent school year has been undergoing construction. 

Los Alamitos High School has been undergoing construction all around campus for the past few years. This includes the STEM building, pool, and removal of portable classrooms. Most of the construction had little to no effect on teachers and students, although some moved classrooms until late 2022, when Los Al announced the completion of the new building and the relocation of teachers back into their new classrooms. 

The relocation of teachers also includes the 100s buildings, which was occupied by science teachers until they were relocated into the new STEM building in 2022. This building has not been used since science teachers were removed and set into the new building. It will soon be occupied by math teachers who did not get rooms in the new building after the original construction.

Teachers were previously given a block of classrooms to choose from by seniority. Those who have worked at Los Al the longest got to choose first. History teacher Mrs. Bigley will be moving to room 656 from the back portables, along with Mr. Strong, moving from the portables in front of the gym to room 106. Mrs. Bigley has been in her current classroom for 15 years, while Mr. Strong was relocated around 3.5 years ago, back in the early months of 2020. 

Thinking about what to throw away is nice because I can declutter. I have to find time after school or during my conference period,” math teacher Mrs. Tiratira said. She is moving out of her classroom from room 600 to room 104.

During the summer, teachers will store their boxes in the 800s building until the completion of the reconstruction. They will begin unpacking right around the first week of school. Teachers such as Mr. Strong and Mrs. Franzen have their ceilings painted with book covers or math equations that take a little extra time to remove. Once their new classrooms are finished, their old painted ceilings will replace the new ones.

Whether experiencing remodels in their original classroom or moving to a completely new building, each teacher has done an amazing job multitasking packing while ending the school year strong with their students.