Charlotte’s Web behind the scenes: set

Los Al’s Production of a Timeless Classic


Aleina Tuufuli

Set designers working on the set of Charlotte’s Web

Aleina Tuufuli, Staff Writer

LOS ALAMITOS, CA – The Los Alamitos drama department will be bringing to life E.B. White’s novel, Charlotte’s Web, in just a week at the high school’s performing arts center. Auditions for the fall show were held the first week of September and the construction of the set began the last week of August. 

The setting of any show plays a crucial role in the production as a whole. The drama department’s set designers have been hard at work for “almost a month” according to the lead designer, Megan Jun. 

The process to create a set begins with reading the entirety of the script. Jun elaborates more on how one must take into consideration given circumstances which are necessary “because people interact with them.” 

The lead designer then explains how you must find inspiration and create a mood board for things that should be implemented. She gives the example of how she used pictures from the book that helped with the color palette for the set. Megan further explains how she created the ground plan. “It’s where you draw out where you want the set pieces to be from a bird’s eye point of view,” Megan describes.

Another thing the set designers had to focus on was the smaller details. This provides a challenge for them since “the details need to be seen by the audience from far away,” said Finneas Minton, a junior working on the set construction.

Minton also expressed how the limitations of constructing a set for a high school production provided a “unique challenge” for the set designers. 

“Our capabilities are limited compared to a more professional environment like Broadway,” said Finneas, “but I think how we’ve worked around that challenge helps to showcase our abilities as a team.”

Charlotte’s Web will be premiering next week October 13th-15th. For more information about tickets, click here.