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The Griffin Gazette

News From the Students, For the Students

The Griffin Gazette

News From the Students, For the Students

The Griffin Gazette

About Us

About the Griffin Gazette:

The Griffin Gazette is the award-winning, student-run newspaper produced by Los Alamitos High School’s journalism class. Founded in 1969, the Griffin Chronicle was discontinued for two years and revived in 2022 as the Griffin Gazette. The 2022-2023 staff is comprised of two editors-in-chief, Adalie Landa and Sofia Youngs, 15 staff writers, and Los Al’s journalism advisor, Mrs. Franzen. 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to report frequently updated news affecting our school, students, and the Los Alamitos community. We value accurate, ethical, and trustworthy reporting to achieve unrestricted freedom of expression. The Griffin Gazette strives to provide unbiased journalism that gives all perspectives an opportunity to be included and brings attention to underrepresented subjects. We will report the news transparently, covering campus events and promoting diversity at Los Alamitos High School. Articles also offer student opinions and insight on topics relevant to the Los Al community. 


We cannot allow sources to read articles before they are published for confidentiality. However, readers can trust that our writers will represent sources’ views as accurately as possible and never publish anything off the record. The Griffin Gazette will not disclose the identities of any sources who wish to remain anonymous. All articles will be thoroughly researched and published with editor approval. 


Corrections regarding accuracy will be rectified as soon as possible. Readers can email writers through our staff profiles, fill out our feedback form, or reach out through our Instagram account. 


The Griffin Gazette accepts guest submissions of story ideas, opinion pieces, artwork, poems, and anything else readers want to share. 


Currently, the Griffin Gazette is not affiliated with any other organizations.

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