Los Al alumni bikes over 20,000 miles across the Pan-American Highway

Liam Garner, Los Al alumni, is the youngest person ever to complete the Pan-American Highway


Liam Garner

Liam Garner back in Los Lagos, Chile after six months

Sofia Youngs, Editor

LOS ALAMITOS, CA — Liam Garner, an 18-year-old Los Alamitos High School alumni, has acquired recognition for attempting and completing the Pan-American Highway.

The Pan-American Highway is about 20,000 miles long and runs across 15 countries as it stretches from the Arctic Ocean in northern Alaska to Argentina’s southernmost tip. Starting in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on Aug. 1, 2022, and biking for over 520 days and 14 countries, Garner has made history by being the youngest person ever to complete the deadly Pan-American Highway trail.

The Pan-American Highway starts in Prudhoe Bay and ends in Argentina (Fun Life Crisis)

Garner documented his journey on various social media platforms, highlighting the highs and lows of his journey. His TikTok currently has over 340 thousand followers, and he has thousands of followers on his Instagram. From various muggings, bitter-cold nights, and popped bike tires, Garner recorded and posted every setback on his Tiktok and Snapchat.

What is the Pan-American Highway?

The highway is a network of roads that spans the Americas and spans approximately 30,000 kilometers in total distance. The Pan-American Highway traverses a wide range of temperatures and biological types, from lush rain forests to parched deserts and desolate tundra; some parts are only entirely navigable during the dry seas.

Why did Garner Bike it?

“The point of this trip was to prove to myself that even if I picked something ridiculous and impossible to try, I would do it with enough determination,” Garner said. Knowing he didn’t want to attend college directly after graduating high school, Garner set out biking a few weeks before graduation.

“I wanted to discover myself and the world,” Garner said. Feeling confined to California, Garner knew this journey was a way to find himself. His friends and family voiced their concerns regarding his safety as the trial went through treacherous terrain and cities.

Garner and his friend Logan enjoy the view and have a picnic in Cali, Colombia. (Liam Garner)

“My parents told me absolutely not and were terrified of the idea,” Garner said when talking about his parent’s reactions. Like most parents, Garner’s family was strongly opposed to his attempt to complete the trial. However, after Ganer’s persuasion, his parents allowed him to at least try.

“It was hard not having anyone to share my experiences with, but I know those difficult periods were deeply important for me.”